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Welcome to Omicus Consulting

Omicus Consulting offers practical consulting in Sales, Marketing and International Expansion. Companies across industries benefit from our seasoned expertise in strategy, processes and execution. We bring extensive global business experience, knowledge and cultural competence. We provide a client-customized framework for developing go-to-market strategy, and hands-on facilitation of strategy execution through practical tactics in countries worldwide.
With each engagement, we focus not only on what should be done (strategy), but also how it should be done (plan), and we work with client teams in getting it done (execution) with our disciplined and realistic people-oriented approach. We work as partners with our client to ensure they get the improved performance they need.
We believe that outstanding consulting should be anchored in sound judgment, executional rigor, strategic thought process and the focus of separating the symptoms from the cause. We bring all these elements in our work for the clients. We remain committed to working in partnership with our clients for increasing their profitable revenue and addressing other relevant business issues.