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All Industries – WorldWide

Trade Structure Sales. Marketing. International Expansion.

Omicus Consulting offers the promise of practical consulting in sales, marketing and international expansion. Companies across industries benefit from our seasoned expertise in strategy, process and execution. We bring global business experience, knowledge and cultural competence. Utilizing our global strategy development expertise, we client-customize our go-to-market strategy development framework and provide hands-on facilitation of strategy execution.
We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients by working effectively and cost-efficiently in their best interest.

Practical Consulting

We bring extensive experience in global strategy and managing business operations. Thus we focus not only what should be done (strategy), but also how it should be done (plan), and work with client teams to get it done (execution). Our approach is disciplined, realistic and people-oriented. We work as partners with the client’s internal team to ensure they get the improved performance they need.
Practical Consulting


We operate across industries with our expertise of bringing functional, strategic, analytical and executional rigor to each assignment. We focus on separating the symptoms from the cause and address the cause directly. We combine these strengths with the client’s deep industry knowledge of his own business. This synergistic blending results in improved strategy and execution leading to noticeable business performance improvement and growth.

Global Scope

We feel at home in most parts of the world due to our extensive global business experience. We develop global strategies and lead their implementation worldwide. We effectively cross-pollinate practices from one part of the world to another keeping in consideration the local nuances. We also address issues and develop and implement solutions in specific regions/countries. This global experience, knowledge and cultural competence resides centrally within our organization.