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Services – Consumer Products – Emerging Markets

Services: Sales & Marketing

International Expansion:

  • Prioritize and identify international markets for expansion
  • Develop overall business strategy for market entry
  • Develop and implement go-to-market strategy
  • Co-ordinate work required for regulatory approvals
  • Co-ordinate development and implementation of Marketing Strategy
  • Identify services required from, and establish terms of business with distributors
  • Coordinate the selection and appointment of distributor(s)
  • Assist in selection of employees

Go-To-Market Strategy:

  • Go-to-market strategy development based on consistent principles to support:
    • Product Assortment, Placement, Promotions and Point of Purchase by Retail
      Segment based on shopper and trade insights
    • Service identification by type of product and by Retail Segment Merchandising
      (including small stores)
    • Channel design – to ensure effectiveness and efficiency
    • Distribution of Push1 products
    • Distribution cost
    • Channel management guidelines
  • Facilitate, guide and workshop the go-to-market strategy implementation process in
    countries worldwide
  • Establish metrics and monitoring process for go-to-market strategy implementationli>
  • Identify business needs and coordinate development of ‘Sales Information Systems’
    to support go-to-market implementation.

Sales (Customer Development) Organization:

  • Develop team roles and responsibilities
  • Review and refine organization structure

Marketing Strategy:

  • Review and refine marketing strategy in partnership with the client
  • 1 Poor distribution of products in the strategic assortment set