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We believe that outstanding consulting should be anchored in sound judgment, execution rigor, strategic thought process and the discipline of separating symptoms from cause.


We use our proprietary methodology to grow sales revenue for our clients 

Sales Audit:

  • We provide functional, analytical and executional rigor to our proprietary Sales Audit process. Please click on the link below to learn more
  • Sales Audit by Omicus


  • Refine terms of business and performance expectations from distributors
  • Develop new channels for taking products/services to customers

Customer Strategy:

  • Develop/refine growth strategy for business with key customers
  • Develop a framework and process for cross-functional customer engagement

Sales/Customer Development Organization:

  • Refine commercial organization structure. Develop roles and responsibilities
  • Refine sales incentive structure

Sales Information Systems:

  • Data Analytics: Analyze available data, generate suitable insights and define forward actions
  • Identify software development needs, provide business brief and coordinate with IT for its development



  • Review and Refine overall Marketing Strategy and its individual components

International Expansion

International Expansion:

  • Prioritize and identify international markets for expansion
  • Develop overall business strategy for market entry
  • Develop and implement go-to-market strategy
  • Co-ordinate work required for regulatory approvals
  • Co-ordinate development and implementation of Marketing Strategy
  • Identify services required from, and establish terms of business with distributors
  • Coordinate the selection and appointment of distributor(s)
  • Coordinate the hiring of employees
  • Train employees and distributors